Central Bark Grooming & Dog Wash

Our Team of Pet Groomers & Stylists

Guy Knepp - Owner

Guy Knepp has been fulfilling his passion of grooming pets for over 20 years, having owned multiple grooming business for the last 15 years in Seattle and Montana. Guy is a graduate of the Pet Smart Academy, certified by the International Professional Groomers Association, and an experienced grooming instructor. He specializes in geriatric and difficult pets, often dealing with significant animal behavioral issues. Guy excels at “training” dogs on how to be groomed, making the grooming experience safer and less stressful for both the groomer and the dog.

Alex - Pet Stylist

Alex, originally from Tennessee, is a graduate of the PetSmart Academy with over 10 years of grooming experience, specializing in poodles – all sizes and cuts – and is highly sought after by Missoula poodle and doodle owners. When Alex isn’t grooming, he likes to spend his time hiking/biking the trails or camping with his best friend, a handsome black Lab named Miko!

Carol - Bather

Carol is Central Bark’s lead bather with 7 years of experience working in grooming salons. She has owned and worked with a multitude of animals all her life but is especially fond of dogs and cats and horses and… Carol’s current cuddle companions are cats named Bella and Kissy Cat.

Kay - Pet Sylist

Kay is a graduate of the Pet Smart academy with 5 years of grooming experience and a life-long love of animals. Working with our master groomers at Central Bark, Kay has greatly refined her skills with all grooming styles and believes continuing education is vital to success. She especially enjoys working with puppies and mixed breeds who require creativity in finding exactly the right look. Kay’s gentle ways also help anxious dogs get through the grooming process with as little stress as possible for both the pet and the owner. A true dog lover, Kay’s pack consists of Eva Diva, a mixed breed, Ed Sullivan, a hound mix, Rosie, a doodle, Max, a Border Collie, and Emily, a heeler mix, plus 2 geckos to add to the variety.

Michelle - Pet Sylist

Michelle is a certified Master Groomer with 30+ years of experience. She especially loves grooming schnauzers (and all terrier breeds) and working with puppies to teach them how to be groomed. Plus, Michelle is one of Missoula’s few professional cat groomers with an innate ability to get even the crankiest cat bathed, dried, brushed and trimmed. She has also groomed rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, and birds. Michelle is lovingly owned by Dolly, an adorable miniature schnauzer, and Pete the cat.

Shannon - Pet Sylist

Shannon was Guy’s first grooming student in Missoula. Now with over 4 years of grooming experience, Shannon continues to hone her skills with specialty styles and fine details under Guy’s mentoring. She likes grooming Aussies, Border Collies, Yorkies, and Pomeranians. Shannon has lived in Missoula for 15 years and enjoys hiking and floating the river in the summer with her dog buddy Suki, a beautiful one-year-old Akita/Aussie mix.